They told me he’d live 13 years, no more. There was a countdown on his clock and with every hour that passed his body would fade and so would his mind.

Before his second son’s birth, the doctors told Marcus Sky that the baby had a degenerative disorder. The boy would live till the age of 13 and no more. With age his motor functions and memories would fade till he was no more than a vegetable being fed through a tube. So Marcus, as the head of Sky industries developed a platform on which his son may continue to live, Virtual Reality and in turn he had made a living world which Chester could enjoy [Gate.Online]. It was a world in which he’d grow and play, perhaps eternally. Marcus hoped, in [G.O] Chester would enjoy the pleasures of life, food, wine, sex and perhaps love. He wanted it to be the boy’s reality.

On the day Chester turned 12, [G.O] turned 5 and the SynchPods were ready. The 4 out of 5 test subjects had survived the process and were faring well in the world of Troid, Marcus hoped the boy would survive the process as well. The loving father kissed his son good bye for the last time. Marcus erased his remaining memories and uploaded the Chester’s consciousness into the game with a few parting gifts.



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