In the age of Virtual Reality gaming, a gaming addict, Jaymeson, logs in to find out his account hacked which is near impossible in a world of bio-metric security, to make things worse the game’s help desk tells him they can’t figure out what exactly happened- the characters haven’t been deleted its almost as if they never existed. Hence there is nothing that can be done. His near max level characters, almost legendary gear, extremely rare pets that he took the trouble to hunt down and raise, and worst of all, his bonus character slot were all gone. While most would quit the game, enraged by the loss of years of work, Jay decides to start again from scratch as the human, Crowe.

The game, [Gate Online] grants its players great power. Not just physical or magical but the power to create whatever they please as long as they have the imagination and means to do so. Players may build whatever they please, be it weaponry or armour that doesn’t exist in the game; a monopoly or trade route that may flourish into a business or even a castle or outpost which may grow into a city, perhaps someday an empire.

Jay’s dream from his alpha testing days had been to build a fortress and rule over territory in the game. Doing so would not only reward him with fame and riches, but also what he desires the most in [Gate Online], political power. With the the loss of his characters, his billions of in-game currency has disappeared and now he must race back to his former level of wealth before another player takes the land he desires.


Warning: This novel has adult themes in the likes of gore, physical torture, foul language, nudity and sex



13 thoughts on “//Troll.Lancer

      • That’s what I’m actually gonna do. Speaking of which, does Purple.Jester cross with Troll.Lancer?


      • Nope, completely separate novel. Far into the future I might do a cross over chapter or two. Or make references to events of one in the other.
        However they are set in the same universe and the event timeline is sort of similar. Both start around 5 years following [Gate.Online]’s public release.


    • Oh, for a second there I thought they might link cause it says in the synopsis of Puple.Jester that MC was somewhat dying and have to live in the game 24/7 now, which kinda reflects at one of those POV I remember on the previous chapter about someone who knows Crowe’s other account that was a Woulf or something.


  1. JP, since Siegfried and co. had screen time in the story(ch12 I think?). Are you planning them to involve with Crowe or the fake Wolf in later time? Or just filler?


      • About troll lancer and purple jester… i find more entertain reading former than the latter… don’t know why… so to me is probably better leave the story separated. And thanks for the story 😀


  2. Thank you for putting a warning up for torture, you are one of the very few sites to put one up 😀 – Can I ask is there any sexual abuse/rape in the story?


  3. hey, haven’t had access to skype in a while, so I’ve missed our “food banter,” How you been man? Hit me up at the email listed or give me your gmail. We’re long overdue for a talk.


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